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What to expect

Eschen is proud to provide patients with pre-amputation consultations and peer-to-peer counseling services. We realize how scary and confusing it can be going into an amputation, so our prosthetists and patient counselors are here to guide you every step of the way.
At Eschen, getting to know our patients is the most important part of the evaluation process. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We believe that every patient is different, so every prosthesis needs to be different. Our goal during the evaluation is to understand our patients’ desires and needs, and work collaboratively with them and their loved ones to design a prosthetic solution that will get them across the finish line.
Casting and Measuring
Following the evaluation, each patient is casted or measured for their prosthetic socket. There are many types of socket designs, which you can read about here, but no matter what the design the goal is the same: to maximize comfort and function. Casting and measuring is a critical step to providing patients with a device they look forward to putting on every single day.
Check Socket Fabrication
After patients are casted or measured, our prosthetists and technicians work together in our state-of-the-art fabrication lab to design and build the perfect socket for every patient. The first socket they build is called a “Check Socket,” which patients will try on during their Check Socket Fitting.
Check Socket Fitting
Once a Check Socket is fabricated, patients return to our offices for a “Check Socket Fitting.” The purpose of the check socket fitting is to ensure socket fit, dynamic alignment, and function. During this appointment, patients will have an opportunity to communicate any discomfort or soreness resulting from the socket before their Definitive Socket is fabricated. Modifications to the check socket can be made after the fitting to maximize comfort and function.
Final Fabrication
Following the Check Socket Fitting, our prosthetists and technicians return to the lab to fabricate the Definitive Socket. A Definitive Socket is the one patients will return home with. This socket is mounted on a prosthetic foot and possible a prosthetic knee for above-knee amputees.
The day we’ve all been waiting for! Once the Definitive Socket is fabricated and the prosthesis is assembled, patients return for the delivery of their prosthesis! During this appointment, the prosthesis is dynamically aligned to provide patients with optimal comfort and function. This is a very exciting day for our patients and prosthetists and is just the beginning of the journey they will share together.
Prosthetic Training
Upon receiving your prosthesis Eschen can connect you with a physical therapist who will help you learn to use your new prosthesis.
On-Going Care
Eschen is always available for follow ups, adjustments, peer-to-peer counseling, and anything else you may need as you adapt to life with your new prosthesis. We view the prosthetist-patient relationships as a lifelong bond. Bear in mind, all prostheses require periodic service and adjustments so feel free to stop in or schedule appointment here.