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Osseointegration is an innovative procedure that utilizes a custom made titanium rod which is implanted into the bone of the residual limb.  The prosthetic components are directly attached to the implanted rod without intervening soft tissue. This eliminates the need for a socket which reduces potential skin irritations and improves the control a patient has with their prosthesis.
This procedure offers many other benefits over a traditional prosthesis with sockets.  These are:
  •         Quick donning/doffing of the prosthesis
  •         Increase of bone and muscle mass
  •         Ultimate skeletal control and range of motion
  •         More natural sensation of prosthetic limb
  •         No fit issues with weight change
The prosthetic team at Eschen is proud to be a leading source and provider in osseointegration prostheses.  We have attached and completed more osseointegration prostheses than any other prosthetic provider in the Northeast.  We work closely with an orthopedic doctor in New York that provides these procedures for both below and above knee amputees.  Our practitioners will evaluate you and your prosthetic requirements and will be more than happy to discuss the osseointegration possibilities.